Billy Bob and studentThank you for hosting our group from St. George’s school again this year. I want you to know how much I appreciate the amount of time and effort you give to our students. The amount of trust you have for our students to allow them to lead a team of your dogs is truly remarkable. Your impact on young people reaches far and wide and I hear frequently that our trip to Maine has changed lives. You don’t get to see the pure joy on the kid’s faces as they explain to their parents their experience. It is breathtaking. Thank you again!  Bill from St. George’s Independent School – Tennessee



wm-WmXhVwOHIHIwUl1db4DDKiONSqrO-JFbe5Buid1w,txMW8zFBTTOrQnrIIq1hQdQXj5MOLqBerD-AdI3YmRMI just wanted to thank you again for inviting me on the Allagash trip. I thoroughly enjoyed myself although I did feel a little like I should have done more. Old habits die hard, I guess. It was such a pleasure picking my way down the river, especially below the falls. I always looked forward to that area.

What a crew you have. Jason and Mandy were great and you are a natural leader, showing both compassion and firmness when called for. I have admired what you and Kevin have accomplished for a long time and two trips with you just goes to show me why you had such success.   Gil Gilpatrick, age 82, famous Maine guide and author – Maine – Sept. 2016








We found the lure and the lore of the Allagash wilderness to be much more than a get away from the stress and strains of daily living; it was an honest rediscovery of self.” Larry C. – Maine




v0jjJrdn_uVmhxEIq9YJp7fjH9G0qyKLvAzWPJyNFh4PTQHkDvFuIN6vj1HHu2R6LO9Wew=s190“I really wanted to express my appreciation for the way that you guide – of learning about Inuit and Cree and Northern people’s lifestyles, of canvas wall tents, of goodies cooked by a local lady and her daughter. You go beyond the “how to” and into the why and in a quiet way support that with your actions.” Nina C. – Maine




“I am still back in the moment when the only sounds are the soft slush of the dogsleds on the lake and the rhythmic pacing of the sled dogs pulling us. Everything in the world is focused in their effort. Everything is beautiful and in harmony. I am very grateful and filled with joy.” Barbara Z. – Massachusetts





“I never thought I would become so attached to a team of dogs in such a short period of time. As I walked away from the pen and headed towards the barn I felt lonely. I rarely ever feel lonely – I felt as if I was being left alone and some part of me was afraid of being left alone for the first time in my life. As I entered the barn the valley filled with their singing. I turned and stood in the doorway smiling with a few tears falling from my eyes.” Jhan G. – Wisconsin




“It was a terrific trip. The unexpected parts and how you chose to deal with them showed us your versatility. That certainly comes from your combined 60 years of experience guiding in the wilderness. Your clients will enjoy being your guests.” Gordon G. – Massachusetts




“I can’t describe to you how much I enjoyed last weekend with you and the sled dogs. It’s rare that I try something new and come away feeling so enriched.” Ann G. – Massachusetts





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