Like Dogs? Like Snow? A Dogsledding trip may be the winter vacation for you!

Here are a few reasons why Mushing Magazine, the recognized international authority on dogsledding, recommends us and CNN has listed Mahoosuc Guide Service as one of its top 5 recommended outfits to go sledding with:

  • Both of us are Master Maine Guides, the highest level recognized by the State of Maine with 30 and 40 years experience.
  • 2013 is our 24th year in business.
  • We are full time professionals. Guiding is all we do; it is not a part time hobby.
  • All of our trips are owner guided. Polly or Kevin are on each of our trips.
  • Ours is one of the few kennels where every dog was personally raised by us from puppyhood. They are all well trained, and we have been working with these bloodlines since 1979.
  • We take extremely good care of our dogs. They get a summer vacation, full vet care, pastures to play in in the off season and retirement to our house.
  • We make our own wood canvas canoes, canoe paddles, setting poles, and dogsleds.
  • Our Yukon huskies are novice-musher friendly; small size teams (5 dogs) with big steady dogs make it easier for beginners to learn to mush.IMG_8572a

We started mushing in the late ’70s and had over 10 years of experience from Alaska and the Yukon to the Eastern Canadian Arctic before we started Mahoosuc. We offer a variety of dogsledding trips and tour adventures, most of them with no experience necessary. You can follow our doggy world on Facebook. View or print our 2015-2016 Dogsledding Vacation Trip Schedule. We look forward to introducing you to our healthy, happy Yukon Huskies!


Call us at 207-824-2073 or e-mail [email protected].