Dogsledding Trips


Our 2 and 3 day weekend trips are in the Umbagog Lake and Mahoosuc Mountain areas. The area and activities are the same for the two and three day weekend trips, a combination of mushing, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. The difference between them is that on the second day of the 3 day weekend we do a day trip out from our base camp by dogteam and cross-country skis. There are 2 people per sled working with the dogteams on all weekend trips except the all mush 3 day weekend trips.

Weekend trips begin at 7 p.m. the evening of the first day  to outfit participants with winter equipment, answer questions and go over the itinerary. The following morning we will head out with the huskies for 2 or 3 days on the trail. The weekend trips are a combination of dog sledding, cross country skiing and snowshoeing. The exception is All Mush weekends which are all mushing. All trips begin the evening of the first day  listed and end around 4 p.m. on the last day.  You will need to make reservations to stay with us in our lodge, farmhouse bed and breakfast or a local B & B for the first night’s lodging (this is an additional fee).

All you need to bring is warm clothing and a sense of adventure. We will provide food and all specialized winter equipment such as skis, poles, boots, parkas, gaiters, sleeping bags and ensolite pad. Winter travel can be physically challenging. The better shape you are in the more enjoyable the trip will be for you. If you are relatively inactive, start exercising at least one month prior to your trip. Participants should be able to ski or snowshoe 4 miles with a light pack. While on the trail, accommodations will be in the traditional camp of the north, canvas wall tents heated with wood stoves and a balsam fir bough floor.

(2 days)

New Years Trip Dec. 29-31
Begin the New Year Jan. 5-7
Martin Luther King Jan. 12-14
Mid Winter Mush Jan. 26-28
President’s Day Feb. 16-18 (FULL)
School Vacation Mush Feb. 23-25
March 3/4 Moon Mush Mar. 9-11
St. Patrick’s Day Mush Mar. 16-18

(3 days)

New Years Eve Dec. 29-Jan. 1
Martin Luther King Jan. 12-15
Mid Winter Mush Feb. 1-4
Presidents Day Feb. 16-19 (FULL)
March 3/4 Moon Mush Mar. 8-11
St Patrick’s Day Mush Mar. 15-18



Mahoosuc Intro Mush/Ski Jan. 20 (Sat) – 22 (Mon)
Umbagog Lake Feb. 1 – 4

Calling any women adventurers to an exciting and action packed weekend of cross-country skiing and dogsledding on Umbagog Lake. This follows the same format as our weekend dog sledding trips but provides the special opportunity to share this experience with other women.

Jan 5 – 7, Feb 9 – 11, Mar 2 – 4, Mar 9 – 11


On the 2 day all mush trips you will get to travel to and from our winter camps by dog team. On Saturday morning, after a mushing 101 lesson, we will dogsled across Umbagog Lake into one of our overnight camps. Conditions permitting, on the return trip we will take a different route back out across the lake. These trips have 2 mushers per sled and a 5-6 dog team. There will be an option to snowshoe and/or cross-country ski from camp if desired.


DAY TRIPS (mid-week and some weekends)

Day trips on Umbagog Lake or gentle trails in the Mahoosuc Mountains are available Tues. – Thurs. mid Dec. through mid March. A warm homemade hearty lunch cooked over a campfire is included on day trips, as well as insulated winter parkas and warm boots. Cost is $280 per person. Book early as these fill fast.

We have some day trips available on weekends. Participants can be passengers or mush the team (2 people per sled) depending on people’s abilities and desires and trail conditions. We provide a hot lunch midday and use of our insulated winter parkas and boots. Cost is $300 per person. Call or email for availability.

For more information, contact Kevin or Polly at or phone 207-824-2073.



021211_0522Our Northern Classic trips are a minimum of 3 days and are done with one person per sled. This enables us to travel farther (6-20 miles) per day and offers the most opportunity to work with and get to know the huskies. We bring skis and/or snowshoes to explore the country around the camps. Group size is smaller (maximum 5) to accommodate individual interests.


Feb. 1 – 4  and Mar. 8 – 11

On the 3 day all mush weekend trips we will do a linear route mushing from point A to B to C so we are in a different camp each night. After a dogsledding 101 lesson we will head out across the lake or an easy trail through the woods to the first nights camp. The second day is a mix of lake and trail covering approximately 15 miles. On the third day we will travel back to our vehicles across lake and trails. The route will depend on the trail conditions at the time of the trip. There will be an opportunity to snowshoe and cross country ski from our camps if desired.



Jan. 28-Feb. 1 and Mar. 18-22  $1995
Mushing 02-06 148

Matagamon and East Branch of the Penobscot area

This trip will take us down the Old Matagamon tote trail which runs along the west side of the East Branch of the Penobscot River. Beautiful mountain views are around just about every turn on the trail. From the second nights cabin it is a short snowshoe to Haskell Rock Pitch to see it in all it’s winter splendor. We will be staying in 3 different cabins on this route.


March 7 – 11

This trip is a nice mix of lake and trail mushing. We will be staying at three different campsites – two on lakes and one on the Rapid River carry trail. We will mush right by the cabin where Louise Dickinson Rich wrote We Took to the Woods. The Rapid River country is rich in wildlife. It is not uncommon to see whitetail deer, moose, coyote and river otters.




March 24 – April 1        $4775

Northern lights, frozen bogs, wolves howling – welcome to Chitichiinnu, the land of the Cree. This trip is for anyone who wants to experience a true dog sled expedition in the north. Ice reading, winter navigation, camping techniques, dog handling, and care are a few of the topics covered. Cree guides, David and Anna Bosum, have many years of experience in the bush and will join us to share their vast knowledge of hunting, trapping and fishing. You will never look at the Northwoods and its animals the same way after spending time in the bush with Anna and David. While on the trail, you will have the opportunity to try country food, such as fresh walleye, moose, beaver, bear or goose. This is a very rare and rich cultural experience!


April 4-13    Kuujjuaq to Tasiujaq
$6185 (incl. airfare from Montreal)

Nunavik is the arctic region of Quebec. On this trip we will be traveling with Allen Gordon, an Inuk musher from Kuujjuaq. The trail between the two villages is about 100 miles and varies in habitat from boreal treeline to tundra. Wildlife in this area includes caribou, wolf, arctic fox and a living relic from the ice age, the musk ox. Northern lights are frequent at this latitude, and we will try ice fishing for arctic char. Much of the food on the trail will be local fare, such as caribou, ptarmigan and char. The warmth, humility and self-reliance of the Inuit will stay with you long after your arctic adventure.


We are able to design custom trips for groups to any of the areas we guide in: Maine, Ouje-Bougoumou, Quebec, James and Hudson Bays, and Nunavik. Call us if you would like to discuss the possibilities.

For more information, contact Kevin or Polly at or phone 207-824-2073.


Drive your own team of huskies. This is for the more serious musher. We give detailed instruction on training, hooking up a team, driving the team, handling the sled, etc. Cost is $450 per person.

For more information, contact Kevin or Polly at or phone 207-824-2073.

Children under the age of 13 go for a 25% discount on all trips.

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