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Mahoosuc is one of the most respected and experienced recreational guide services in New England. We offer a variety of dogsledding and canoeing vacation options – most with no prior experience necessary. We are beginning our 27th consecutive year offering dogsledding and canoe trips in New England and Canada. We started mushing in the late ’70′s and had years of experience from Alaska and the Yukon to the Eastern Canadian Arctic before we started Mahoosuc. We’ve canoed wild rivers all over North America, from the Grand Canyon to the sub-arctic. We’re full time, year-round professional guides.You can follow our doggy world on Facebook. We look forward to introducing you to our healthy, happy Yukon Huskies. P.S. One or two of our huskies come on every canoe trip as well!
Dogsledding Trips

Dogsledding Trips

More information on our dogsledding tours in New England and Canada
Canoe Trips

Canoe Trips

More information on our canoe trips in New England, Western US, and Canada
Courses and Events

Courses and Events

More information on our canoe-making, dogsled-making, wilderness first aid certification courses, and other special events.
About Your Guides

About Your Guides

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In the News

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Our Dogs

Our Dogs

More information about our dogs, and Yukon Huskies

Dogsledding Vacations, Trips, and Tours

Like Dogs? Like Snow? A dogsledding trip may be the winter vacation for you! Here are a few reasons why Mushing Magazine, the recognized international authority on dogsledding, recommends us (CNN article) as one of North America’s Top 5 outfits to go dogsledding with:

• We are both Master Maine Guides, the highest level recognized by the State of Maine with 30 and 40 years experience.
• We have been in business since 1989.
• We are full time professionals. Guiding is all we do – it is not a part time hobby.
• All of our trips are owner guided. One of us (Kevin or Polly) is on each of our trips.
• We are one of the few kennels where every dog was personally raised by us from puppyhood. They are all well trained, and we have been working with these bloodlines since 1979.
• We take extremely good care of our dogs. They get a summer vacation, full vet care, pastures to play in during the off season, and retirement to our house.
• We make our own wooden dogsleds, snowshoes, and toboggans.
• Our Yukon huskies are novice-musher friendly. Small size teams (5 dogs) with big steady dogs make it easier for beginners to learn to mush.
• Our business received the Maine Office of Tourism “Excellence in Nature Based Tourism Award.”
• Mahoosuc Guide Service offers the only Winter Guide Training course in Maine for guides and outdoor leaders.

Canoe Trips – Allagash River and other Wilderness Rivers in Maine and Canada

If you like paddling wilderness rivers, seeing wildlife up close, and listening to the cry of a loon on a northern lake, then a Mahoosuc canoe trip may be a good choice for you. The Allagash River canoe trip is our most popular, but we guide all of Maine’s wilderness rivers. We are very experienced northern paddlers and are comfortable teaching quiet water or whitewater techniques, as well as canoe poling. If you’re interested in learning from the native people who developed the canoe, check out our Canoeing with the Cree trip. If you’re an angler, check out our salmon fishing on the Miramichi River, New Brunswick, our May Allagash River canoe trip, or the Aroostook River canoe fishing trip in June.
A few reasons you may want to consider Mahoosuc Guide Service for a canoe trip vacation are:

• We are Master Maine Guides with 30 and 40 years of experience.
• We have been in business since 1989.
• We are former ACA certified Instructors and Instructor trainers.
• We are full time professional guides. Guiding is all we do.
• Mahoosuc Guide Service offers the only Canoe River Guide Training Course in Maine.
• We handcraft our own cedar-canvas canoes, paddles, and setting poles.
• We developed one of the first River Rescue courses for professional guides back in 1985.
• We received the State of Maine’s “Excellence in Nature Based Tourism Award.”


May 1-5

The focus of the Maine River Guide Training is on how to safely lead and manage groups on technical rivers during canoe trips. Technical rivers are defined as having Class 2 and above rapids and/or mandatory portages around falls or rapids. This is not a white water skills clinic. Participants should be comfortable and competent in class 2 and above white water. You should be able to ferry, eddy out, peel out, etc. anywhere in a set of rapids in this level of difficulty. Major topic area to be covered are two fold: •Information you, as a guide, need to cover before taking clients into a white water situation •Information you as a guide need to have relating to group management techniques, safety considerations, protection strategies for rapids, and judgment/decision making PRIMARY TOPICS TO BE COVERED: 1. River safety briefing, Self rescue, Objective River hazards, Throw bags, Sample stroke lessons, Sample river maneuvers lesson, Ferries, Eddy turns, Peel outs, Eddy sets, Offensive vs. defensive paddling techniques, Sample river reading lesson, Eddies, Eddy lines, White waves, Dark waves, V’s, Info, to, have in her/his head1. Group management skills for approaching major rapids, major portages, for easier river stretches (class 2 or below) 2. Protection systems for major rapids, timing, throw bags, boat based 3. Portage organizing, tumplines, one/two person lifts, one/two person carries 4. Lining, bridles, painter lines, canoe trim 5. Scouting from shore, from eddies Other topics – as time and interest permits: Fly fishing, Lost clients, Map and compass, Contours and river gradients, Canoe/camping techniques, Poling upstream and snubbing, Canoe pins, avoiding, unpinning, haul systems, Knots every guide should know.

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